Empowering Female Social Marketers to Scale Online with All-in-One Tech Tools

SELF MADE assists you in expanding your business, marketing your opportunity and products, and efficiently overseeing and cultivating your customer & team relationships – all through a single, user-friendly tool.

With Complimentary Training and a Team That Has Your Back,
Setup Is Headache Free!

Nurture the growth of your digital Social Marketing empire utilizing a potent automation platform that fuses sophisticated technology, strategic marketing, and artistic design – granting you the capacity to wholeheartedly assume your Leadership Role.

SELF MADE® Offers a Sustainable System That Grows WITH You







Plus...effortlessly simple, yet powerful automation workflows.

Our All-in-One Tech Tool

Empower your online business journey with our comprehensive membership program designed specifically for ambitious female Network Marketers like you.

We understand the struggles keeping you up at night—lack of quality leads, scaling too slowly, feeling overwhelmed by the multitude of tech tools, and not knowing how to create tools that work. That's why we've crafted the ultimate solution to simplify and streamline your network marketing business growth.

“Consectetur adipisicing elit, labore eiusmod temporis nam incididunt labore et dolore magna aliqua. ”

Marc jacobs - It Consultant

Lacking Quality Leads?

Quality Lead Generation Attracting Your Ideal Customer & Business Partner, Customer Management, Content Creation and Scheduling, and Follow Up Management and so much more.

Not Enough Time?

Simplicity with Onboarding Systems for New Biz Partners & Customers, Create Training Programs for your team and increase duplication, Balance Time with automation and much more.

Overwhelmed By Tech?

Consistent Support with Monthly Training Modules, Weekly Tech Calls, Advanced Tips, New Templates, Robust Help Guides, and much more.


Loved By All Industries.

"I used SELF MADE for both of my businesses. it's so comprehensive and amazing...I built the entire sales page, set up the membership site, and did all of the workflows by myself (and I'm NOT techy). I built this for my social media management business as well as tools and onboarding for my network marketing team.


"Exactly what I needed! As I move forward with my personal brand and navigating all of the different media types, the self-made hub has provided a solution I didn’t know I needed. Everything I need in one place. A literal HUB for me and my business. I can’t say enough about how much more I’ve accomplished with this tool. Highly recommend."



An Online Presence That Does The Selling For You!

Build your Social Media Content and Online presence with a Simple, Duplicatable, Converting Website and Funnels all in ONE place.  With our unlimited domains, you can create as many funnels as you want to attract your ideal customer and business partners.  Use our drag and drop editor with global colors and sections to customize it, and with our premium designs free, you won’t ever have to hire a designer again!  


Onboard With Duplication and Success!

Create a custom Team Area for your business and include as many training/courses as you want.  Embed video and text lessons, and upload PDFs and documents straight to your team portal.  Plus, use our workflows to track progress and remind your team members to finish their onboarding. 

Create a custom Customer Area for you and your team with the same tools in your all-in-one account.


Easily Manage Customer & Team Relationships.

Store all relevant information, add as many custom fields as you’d like with our form and survey builder.  Plus, track all conversations with your customer - phone, email, text, even private messages from Social Media Pages, right in our conversation tab. 


Make Scheduling A Snap For Your Customers and Business Partners!

Create both individual and team calendars for discovery calls, customer calls, team coaching, and more.  Set times of availability, attach forms and information to calendar appointments, and create a fully customizable reminder follow up for your appointments.


Stay Top Of Mind.

Today’s world is noisy and you need multiple channels to reach your ideal customers/business partners, existing customers and team members.  SELF Made funnels include texting, emails, phone calls, voicemails, FB messages, and Instagram DMs.  Create a workflow (follow up) that integrates all five and be sure to never lose a lead again and to increase your retention of current customers and team members. 


A Tool That Does The Heavy Lifting For You.

Our workflow (follow up) builder gives you virtually unlimited potential for advanced automations between funnels, forms, appointments, organization tags, courses/training, and more.  Plus, with our simple Zap webhook, you can send and receive information through 100’s of third party apps, making SELF Made Funnels the most robust and flexible automation builder on the market today for Network Marketers. 


Loved By All Industries.

"I love that email is integrated so I can stop using Constant Contact and spending $275 on just that tool. Also, not being a big TECHY person the drag and drop feature for all the websites, funnels, forms and surveys makes it simple to use and begin using immediately! PLUS... You just don't get a platform you get a mentorship with seasoned successful entrepreneurs helping you along the way!"


"I've searched for an "all-in-one" platform for years as my clients always required different solutions for their online marketing needs but nothing ever worked like the SELF-MADE Hub! Now, no matter the size of my client from someone starting their online marketing journey, a company looking to scale into millions per month of sales or a seasoned influencer and speaker I can build it all with SELF-MADE!"

Duplic8 Success Consulting

SELF made membership, priced at $117 per month gives you full access to a powerful suite of tools and services that cover all your essential needs:


  • All-in-One CRM for seamless customer & team relationship management

  • Drag-and-drop Bullet ListEmail Marketing platform for captivating campaigns

  • SMS Marketing capabilities for effective text campaigns

  • User-friendly Website Design and Landing Page creation

  • Intuitive Funnel Design for optimizing conversions of your Leads

  • Social Media Scheduler to streamline your online presence

  • Calendar Scheduler with easy integration

  • Unlimited contacts in our Customer Relationship Manager (CRM)

  • Unlimited forms, surveys, and sales automation

  • Unlimited calendars synced with Google Calendar or Outlook

  • Unlimited funnels, websites, sub-users, and domains

  • Unlimited courses/trainings within your membership portal

  • Unlimited automations and follow up workflows

  • Integration with FB Messenger and IG DMs

Membership SERVICES:

  • Monthly training modules to keep you up to date with the latest strategies

  • Weekly Tech Office Calls on Wednesdays for personalized assistance

  • Monthly additions of new templates to fuel your creativity and build your online business

  • Tips and techniques to improve your technical skills on a monthly basis

  • Inspirational interviews with industry experts

  • Enjoy 10% off additional services and courses

Add Ons:

  • More Snapshots for your niche and industry

  • Build your own Agency

  • Growth-Works digital course creator tool

  • Master Resell Rights digital course


Community Of Like Minded Female Bosses

Join our community of like-minded female online bosses and gain the knowledge, tools, and support you need to scale your Social Marketing business successfully. Say goodbye to overwhelm and hello to empowerment as you take control of your tech and marketing endeavors.

Together, let's unleash your full potential and thrive as the online entrepreneur you aspire to be.

Get an Overflow of

Quality Leads

Create Time Freedom While Building a Scaling Business

Simplify & Maximize Tech for Continued Business Growth

Who SELF MADE ® Is For...



  • Network Marketer

  • Affiliate Marketer

  • Online Digital Marketer

  • Social Media Influencers

  • Social Selling Leaders



  • Health Coaches

  • Business Coaching

  • Course Creators

  • Event & Retreat

  • Business Consulting

"The Self made hub took my business from confused to go mode! So many different resources inside one user friendly platform! I was able to create courses and a landing page faster than I ever thought and be able to launch my program with the help of the self made hub! It’s accessibility makes it super easy to learn where things are and to really utilize the tool to grow your business!"

-SYDNEE SLEIMAN - The Social Slayer

Meet Your SELF-MADE Hub Mentors

Jessica Green

Jessica Green was a runaway teen who turned her life around to become a successful multi-millionaire adult. She is a business owner with many interests and facets, and she loves helping entrepreneurs find their superpowers and gain the mental toughness they need to succeed in the online business world.

As a team leader, team creator, business coach and mentor, Jessica provides strategies and solutions that help businesses scale up quickly.

She is also known as the hustle girl for her ability to get anything accomplished, and her technology expertise, strong work ethic and leadership skills are highly sought after.

Jessica is determined to change the way the average network marketer does business so that they can keep up with and compete with the very best digital, online marketplaces

Natasha Roberson

Natasha is a dynamic and accomplished Serial Entrepreneur who embarked on her business journey in 2005. Over the years, she has evolved from a traditional business entrepreneur into a thriving multi-millionaire through her ventures in the online realm. With a fervent passion for empowering women in the spheres of Network Marketing and Digital Marketing, Natasha specializes in crafting ingenious systems that facilitate business growth on autopilot, allowing entrepreneurs to reclaim invaluable time for themselves and their families.

Having led and nurtured teams comprising over 15,000 individuals, Natasha's prowess extends far beyond numbers. Her remarkable achievements include orchestrating sales that have collectively surpassed $130 million over a remarkable 8-year period. As a bona fide luminary in her industry, Natasha keenly recognizes the untapped potential within network marketers' operations, sparking her journey to engineer systems that expedite their path to rapid scalability. Her moniker "Mom to Millionaire" speaks volumes, underscoring her ability to not only elevate her businesses to unprecedented heights but also raise her children with the utmost dedication.

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